As a high tech company ACCENT is always striving to be one step ahead of time, so to support our work we always use the latest technologies.

Proof of this are series of companies that entrust their work to our experienced team and the products that we create, which have either applicable or systematic nature.

Main activities

Hardware and services

Develop hardware solutions, network installations, on-site service.

Software development

We develop software solutions for different customer needs.

POS Systems

Develops complete integrated solutions for retail sales.

Automation of petrol stations

Software solution for automation of petrol stations.

Vision and mission

Developing the best and finest IT solutions that will serve the different needs of our customers all over Macedonia and region.


Our mission is simple: To develop the best and finest IT solutions that will serve the different needs of our companies all over Macedonia and region.
As one of the leading IT companies on the domestic market, our business policy is supported by quality, service and best value for money for our products . This strategy must keep ACCENT on top of the leading companies in Macedonia and region.


The continious growth of the company is our obligation. Ever since founding, the company is growing with annually increase in turnover by 20-30% each year. The focus must be directed towards maintaining constant growth, through implementing new services and solutions, as well as expanding on other markets.


The professional work and devotion of the management is declared by constant responsibility for education of our employees. This ensures constant competitiveness, liquidity and better social status for our employees.