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A company does not need ERP to be successful, but ERP software solutions enable higher quality and easier organization in the company, thereby improving business processes by reducing costs and increasing the profit.

ERP software- integration of processes in the company

Interconnectivity between different divisions/sectors in the company and focus on overall operations

Information sharing between different divisions/sectors

Complete insight into the operations of the company

For companies that:

Have large domain of working activities and large amount of documents
Require different types of documents and specific documents that must be programmed separately
Require Document Management System (DMS)
Require highly controlled and precise flow of works and events
Require detailed control and record of activities that each employee may perform within the system
Require mutual communication and correspondence that should be preserved and documented
Require personnel evidence and rich data-base for the employees
Have central location (office) where the major server is located and more different branches on different locations, but do not have necessity or do not want to invest in complicated information systems for binding and expensive web connection
Work with export and import
Have simple and complicated production/manufacturing process
Provide services

Web-oriented solution

Flexibility and mobility
Easy maintenance and upgrade
Better control over documents
Graphic interface with high resolution
Easy adaptation on different types of hardware
Data export in multiple formats



Easy adjustable system

Decreasing the complexity

Well designed system of working processes

Database quality

Easier recording and better decision making by the Management

Lower operating costs

Innovative managing with the company’s resources

Better customer relations

Better circumstantial control and following the business processes

Business analyzer

Using the power of intelligent tools

Better access to database and informing

Progressive customer leading and progressive control on the access to database and information

Better range of supplying

Improved acquisition, improved demand prognosis etc. Improving the whole bond of supplying.


  • Record of SKU’s with code, name, barcode, normatives/recipes. The possibility for defining unlimited number of additional attributes on whole application level that can be used on many places is a unique function. For example, a company that works with auto-parts has the possibility to add unlimited number of catalog numbers, names, codes, barcodes etc.
  • Grouping the articles into groups, subgroups etc.
  • Record of customers with code, name, address, contact information and possibility for customers differentiation and making different price lists, additional attributes, organization sectors etc.
  • Creating a regular price list, unlimited number of different price lists
  • Creating different types of documents with appropriate characteristics according to the needs of the company
  • Logging system for users with different access level to the system options

  • Procurement from domestic businesses
  • Import calculation from foreign partners with possibility of forming original cost through assessment of costs such as customs payments, transportation, forwarding etc.
  • Sales to foreign buyers via Export Invoices on foreign language and foreign currency
  • Production through defining the products and recipes for their production from raw materials and other articles via Production Order (assemblage or dismantlement)
  • Stock correction via stocktaking and report for passed expired dates
  • Wholesale via Dispatch notes/Invoices, Consignments
  • Retail sales via cash invoices, bills, Certificates of receipt, fiscal receipts
  • Return of the sold articles from buyers via returning documents or cancelation of documents
  • Creating Orders to suppliers/from buyers, creating Offers/Proforma invoices with generating automatic Dispatch note/Invoice after accepting the Offer
  • Transfer the stocks between warehouses, from warehouse to the shop or backward

  • Record of payments from buyers and payments to suppliers with creating bank statement and payment charges
  • Record of non-paid items /invoices from clients/suppliers.
  • Creation of Invoices from Dispatch note or creating Invoice from more different Dispatch notes (group document)
  • Dealer price lists for dealers or loyal buyers
  • Assignment of percentage discounts or nominal and generating automatic document (approval for discount)
  • Record of cash payments or payments with debit cards

  • Realtime stock list and stock list of concrete date from the past
  • Material card for article with whole chronology of changes
  • Detailed report for the sale via bills through different filters (for example: buyer, shift, time etc.)
  • Sales specification through all types of documents and all methods by filtering and sorting
  • Report for erased documents and possibility to see who has done the action
  • Report for retail sales
  • Report for trading services (образец ЕТ)

  • Money entry and money drawing with fiscal printer
  • Short and detailed periodic turnover report for fiscal printer
  • Daily control report and daily fiscal closure

Document management system

Finance module

The finance module is efficient, stable, secure, powerful and very easy to use. It offers business briefing and a possibility for business reports that are exported as PDF, MS Excel, XML or email.
The possibility for internal account department gives stronger and full control on the business processes in the company.
On this basis the company becomes more efficient and more effective in leading the finance, resources and managing the budget.

Payroll/HR module

Salary calculation is based on the legal regulations and requirements.
This module contains record of all employees with all required data for salary calculation, import and parameter changing for calculation, monthly record of illness, monthly record of working hours, record of credit repayment, as well as following, control and analysis of the calculation.

Capital assets module

Inventory of capital assets
Amortization tariffs
Amortization plans
Revalorization of values
Monthly and yearly amortizations
Nomenclature of capital assets
Reports for capital assets
Reports for amortization
Transfer capital assets
Reviewing capital assets

ERP enables:


Technology and security

COLLAB is software that responds to all criteria for modern application.

Development through modern programming tools

Possibility for installation on server with Linux operating system

Tomcat Apache web server

Safety access via VPN connection

Automated Back-up for data-loss protection


Compatible software products


Restaurants and stores

Are you willing to improve and speed up the service?

Easier creation and import of new documents and SKU’s?


Best selling software for retail sale and restaurant work


Petrol stations

Would you like to improve and speed up your service?

Easier creation and import of new documents and SKU’s?


Automation of petrol stations

Implementation and support

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