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Vertico solutions for petrol stations are products that satisfy the technological needs for complete retail sales automation of petrol products.


Option to view various of reports such as:

Sales per dispensers,
Sales per nozzle,
Sales per petrol type,
Sales per user,
Total turnover by client , etc.

Built-in module

for sales of petrol products, 

User oriented interface to the application , divided into three parts.

Nozzles, for informations and actions related to the nozzles.

Register, information for daily operations of the current shift.

Actions, to perform all necessary actions for the normal functioning of the application.

Implementation and support

Our implementation and support team is easily accessible.
Warranty period is 12 months, with free support.
Different levels of support are available for our clients.

You need help in deciding what is the best solution for your business? Please feel free to contact us.

If you need answers for the existent functionalities or you are in need of new ones, our team is at your disposal.

Our goal is ALWAYS satisfied client!

The number of our clients is growing permanently, so does our team.

The quality of our software solutions, gives us the right to emphasize on the large number of satisfied customers.

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