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Solid foundation in process handling is of key importance in company’s growth and existence. Why waste time in manual handled processes when our software can automate them. Fast and easy accessible documentation by your employees and the elimination of repeated actions, increase efficiency and lead to a faster response toward your clients.

By cutting the time needed for services delivery, you can focus on the most important part – CLIENT. In addition to the large number of functionalities, Accent’s software solutions, are ergonomically designed and easy to use.

Why wait? Free your time to focus on the main thing- leading the business.


Your ERP solution should provide:

Organized work,
Document flow,
Swift work,


Powerful web based ERP solution for whole business process

Designed to your needs:
Installation & Implementation,
Ongoing support

Start using it now!

Why invest in ERP?

A company does not need ERP to be successful, but ERP software solutions enable higher quality and easier organization in the company, thereby improving business processes by reducing costs and increasing the profit.

Material&Commercial work

Your ERP solution should provide:

Rapid response,


Prepackaged software solution for material and commercial management,works.

Web oriented solution that insures 24/7 access to all your data from every location

What if your retail activity is placed on one location?

If your activity is on one location, then desktop software that allows you to create and manage documents on easy, clear and legal way, will suffice.

Restaurants and

Are you willing to improve and accelerate the service?

Easier organization and input of new documents and SKU’s ?


Leader in restaurant’s work and retail

Is there an easy to use and stable software for petrol stations?

Surely, VERTICO is solution made for you. Accent has developed the best solution for gas stations that will satisfy the technological needs on the market through complete control of the petrol products.

Petrol stations

Are you willing to improve and accelerate the service?

Easier organization and input of new documents and SKU’s?


Automation of petrol stations

Complete fiscalization of petrol products.

You need help in deciding what is the best solution for your business? Please feel free to contact us.

If you need answers for the existent functionalities or you are in need of new ones, our team is at your disposal.

Our goal is ALWAYS satisfied client!

The number of our clients is growing permanently, so does our team.

The quality of our software solutions, gives us the right to emphasize on the large number of satisfied customers.

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